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We are proud to be a Decoral System official licensee. We offer decorative coating services throughout North America and Europe. We specialize in turn-key decorative powder coating of primarily metal, Aluminum and High temperature plastics.

We are committed to continuous involvement in the development of metal and aluminum decoration, seeking perfection in the image definition, life duration and supply of fast, reliable service.

How It Works


Preparation and Coating

The raw aluminum surface receives a traditional pretreatment of a chemical conversion, creating a thin layer of amorphous oxide with coating.

Electrostatic guns then apply a 2.5 mm layer of nonhazardous powder paint. The polymerization is done with a 400°F temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. The base coat ensures adequate hardness of the final product and protects the aluminum from light, weather, abrasion, corrosion and humidity.


A preprinted film transfer with organic photosensitive pigments and cellulose resin is completely wrapped around the product. The profile is positioned on the surface of a movable trolley and air is removed through a vacuum suction system. The result is a perfect thermo print.

The trolley is then placed in a special oven where the decoration is effected, turning the ink pigments from solid into gas and back to solid inside the paint layer. After cooling, the film is removed. Combined with other breakthrough technologies we apply to the endeavor, this process accounts for why Decoral Systems is a global leader in color powder coating quality.



Wood Grain Powder Coatings Engineered For The 21st Century

You only have to take a quick look to see the beauty that Decoral System powder coating adds to almost any product. Unimpressive materials come to life in vivid color, sparking the imagination and enlivening the spirit with perfect print quality and high-definition three-dimensional imaging.

The benefits, however, go far beyond simply aesthetic appeal, no matter how much it attracts the attention of customers. Decoral System wood grain powder coatings also provide protection against the outdoor elements, including harmful ultraviolet rays. This is not to mention the preservation of our precious forests, which the overuse of natural wood can jeopardize

Powder coated materials are often more lightweight and easier to work with, saving on transportation and labor costs. They are resistant to light, weather, abrasion, corrosion, humidity and most importantly, fire retardant. When you add it all up, Decoral System wood grain powder coatings add to your bottom line significantly.



Decoral System adheres to stringent product standards and has earned the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) certificates and Qualicoat label, acknowledged by the European Laboratory and Research Organization. Backed by a comprehensive warranty and certified for both indoor and outdoor applications, our powder coatings rise to the highest standards of performance excellence and design innovation. Our exacting quality-control regimen includes these state-of-the-art procedures:

· Stereoscope observation
· Microscope test with infrared rays
· Electronic scan microscope test
· Valuation of the brightness, thickness, adherence, hardness
· Embossing test, bowing test, impact resistance, accelerated corrosion test
· Resistance to salt-acid room, accelerated aging test
· Lime resistance test, boiling water resistance test, condensed water resistance test
· Cutting, milling, drilling, flaring, slicing analyses


The potential applications for our decorative powder coatings are everywhere. Components such as: doors, window frames, blinds, appliances, furniture, ceiling tiles, bathroom fixtures, wallboard, glass panels, decorated windows, and signage. Have a quick look at just a few of the extraordinary decorative coating options available to you by going to our Color & Pattern Viewer.

Color & Pattern Viewer



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Decoral Sublimation Oven
Model VIV 801/2 with 22' Bagging Table

Cyclone Pass Thru Blast Oven



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