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About Sternscnuppe LLC.

Sternschnuppe, LLC.

Sternschnuppe, LLC. is a diversified, worldwide contract manufacturing company that offers turn key solutions in support of a vast array of industries. Utilizing our sheet metal fabrication capabilities, standard and decorative powder-coating and our final integration specialties, Sternschnuppe has become a unique and attractive operation to industry leaders ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local industries serving our community.

Founded in 1993, Sternschnuppe, LLC. is a privately held woman-owned business, and maintains a 56,000 square foot manufacturing headquarters facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We enjoy dock-to-stock status with all of our major customers, and have received widespread recognition and awards for our outstanding quality.

The Company's primary technologies include state of the art sheet metal fabrication facility, standard powder-coating facility, decorative powder-coating facility, and specialized final integration team for both hardware and software.

Facility Panoramas

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Today, Sternschnuppe, LLC. supports a wide variety of industries ranging from gaming and amusement, architectural / agricultural, automotive and the trade-show and hospitality industries. Our products can be found all over the world in OEM amusement and gaming applications, OEM pro-audio applications, local and out-of-state municipal construction projects and hotels / casinos around the world. Over the years, the Company has positioned itself to rank as top industry leader by acquiring key assets that has grown Sternschnuppe, LLC. into the ever evolving and dynamic manufacturing world of our modern times. Sternschnuppe employs numerous team members in Nevada (US), California (US), Wyoming (US) and Europe.

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