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Contract Manufacturing


Full range of Contract Manufacturing Services
Sternschnuppe LLC provides turnkey contract manufacturing solutions for the Gaming/Amusement, Agricultural, Audio, Expo/Hospitality and Automotive industries. Contract manufacturing services range from early stage product design support to complex large system integration and assembly. Sternschnuppe's global scale, deep engineering resources, and advanced technical capabilities enables us to handle our customer's most complex manufacturing needs.

Sternschnuppe's manufacturing capabilities utilizes all aspects of our manufacturing expertise to provide our customers with customized solutions. Through our vast experience we've developed proven methodologies to manufacture complex devices and instruments.

The lengthy tenure and multidisciplinary talents of our personnel have enabled us to build skill set expertise in a wide range of areas required for manufacturing complex electro-mechanical assemblies.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities include:

Turnkey Production

Whether assemblies have just completed the design phase or have been in production elsewhere, we assume responsibility for the entire manufacturing process, from material procurement, assembly, and performance testing through order fulfillment, spare parts management and depot repair.

Transition to Manufacturing

We apply our cross-functional knowledge of engineering and manufacturing to smooth the transition from design to full-scale production. We provide transition service for products developed externally at OEMs or third-party developers as well as internally at Sternschnuppe. Our team of engineers uses our proven process checklist, to reduce time-to-market and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Supply Chain and Spare Parts Management

Sternschnuppe LLC has access to a world-class supplier base. Our network of suppliers gives our customers the competitive advantage by reducing lead times for products and spare parts. A dedicated team of buyers/planners uses Lean principles and the latest MRP/ERP system to deliver products to market on time and within budget. For depot repair, the team relies on a segregated inventory location to quickly turn any repair, and our logistics department provides global delivery directly to a warehouse or end-user facility.

Experienced Contract Manufacturing Partner

As an Experienced Contract Manufacturing Partner, Sternschnuppe LLC provides Concept to Commercialization services to entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and all segments in between. With each of those segments Sternschnuppe LLC has earned a reputation for dependability, versatility, and quality. Success has been the result of Sternschnuppe's ability to establish a close partnership that generates significant value and ROI for each client. Sternschnuppe LLC will provide the necessary support to assure the success of your product in its market and looks forward to building a strong partnership with your company.


EQUIPMENT LIST # of stations

AMP Crimping machines with
Various Tooling

Molex TM 40 Crimping Machine
with Various Tooling

Molex 8300 Crimping Machine with Various Tooling

Through-Hole Soldering/Assembly Station

Schleuniger PF 2000 Wire Pre-Feeder

Schleuniger ProStrip Wire Cutter/Stripper 1



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